We are THE experienced experts in Charitable Registration compliance – in every State. Our clients include national non-profits and regional charities, some Registering in just a few States, others Registering in all States.

Capstone Charity Resources offers an affordable, per State, flat-fee Charitable Registration service. Our approach incorporates technology and personal service to provide our clients with the highest level of support.

When compliance matters – turn to Capstone Charity Resources for Charitable Registration services – it’s what we do!


We start with a confidentiality agreement to ensure the security of your donor information, and a brief free assessment of your registration needs and associated costs. Next, we thoroughly analyze your donor database and your fundraising plans. In this step, we ask:

  • Who receives your newsletters via mail and email?
  • Do your newsletters request support?
  • Where is professional fundraising engaged on your behalf?
  • Are you engaged in a capital campaign?
  • In which states should you stop asking for funds due to cost of registration and solicitation vs. funds actually received?

Using our specialized software, we identify the return on investment of your charity registration. If necessary, we will work with your professional fundraiser to obtain necessary documents to ensure their registrations are current, as well. Following completion of this process, you will be able to assure your board of directors that your  organization complies with the most current IRS Form 990 disclosures and the applicable state laws.

Capstone Charity Resources takes a state-specific approach to nonprofit registration, so you only register where necessary. This efficient approach makes registration easy and affordable. We need a variety of information from your organization. With this in mind, we aim to:

  • Collect information once
  • Update information as it changes
  • Comply with each state’s requirements

Beyond that, we manage everything for you, from gathering information to completing your registrations. Our skilled team schedules a detailed intake session with you to gather information. We prepare documents for initial registrations and renewals based on the state deadlines. Finally, we assemble all documents for your signature and submit them upon approval.

Registration requirements change frequently. We keep up with the changes and renewal deadlines so you don’t have to. We engage regulatory counsel and track deadlines and fees to ensure your compliance always remains up to date. We also combine your information into our integrated database for precise tracking and documentation purposes, and keep it confidential.

With the variable deadlines for charitable registrations in 40 states, it is important to track deadlines and filings throughout the year. On a monthly basis, Capstone takes care of all of those details. We track your registrations and provide secure off-site backup for all of your filings. Simplifying nonprofit registration is what we do, so you can focus on critical tasks — such as fundraising — for your organization!

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