Why should a charity register?

It’s not often that my caller identification pops up with the name and number of my bank.

I was more curious than anything, so I picked up the phone. I had a nice chat with my personal banker, who informed me that the bank had caught a financial error in one of my last deposits. The discrepancy was so minimal that I hadn’t noticed – but the bank sure did! I didn’t freak out and neither did the bank, which resulted in a positive conclusion to our situation. Because I had built a steady, professional relationship with my personal banker, she and I could converse about the situation and come to a suitable conclusion.

Catching the fact that your nonprofit organization has a compliance issue with your nonprofit registration can be similar to my experience with my bank. It doesn’t have to get ugly!

Here are some things to consider if you discover that your nonprofit is not in compliance with state regulations for nonprofit registration but has already begun fundraising.

• Just get started – and do it right away! Many states just want your organization to register and are pleased when you complete the process.

• Determine whether your organization has the employee manpower to self-register or if you need to engage a professional organization to register your nonprofit in the states in which it is fundraising. Remember: if you fundraise nationally, 40 states and Washington, D.C. require nonprofit charitable registration.

• Consider engaging Capstone Charity Resources. Our organization has relationships with Secretary of States offices and we know which states provide waivers for late registration or other avenues to help your organization avoid penalty or late fees. It pays to benefit from our existing relationships!

Just like my bank discrepancy, your organization’s failure to register for charitable solicitation can have a positive ending.

If I can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Capstone Charity Resources!

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