Full Service Charity Registration

This turnkey solution employs state-of-the-art software and our knowledgeable team to ensure every aspect of your nonprofit registration is timely, accurate and cost effective.

Full Service Registration is designed for organizations in which:

  • All resources are fully engaged in direct support of the charity’s mission and have limited capacity for evaluation, forms completion, supplemental documentation gathering and monitoring of filing status and changes in requirements.
  • Staff is not aware of the various requirements, exemption options, extensions that may be required, etc., to support the filing process.
  • The organization needs to register in many states.
  • We are happy to work with smaller nonprofits on a full service plan for up to 7 states, a comprehensive way for small nonprofits to get registered and feel secure knowing that they are legally soliciting donations in states where fundraising is taking place.

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Foreign Corporation Filings or Business / Trade Name Registration

Does your charity require Foreign Corporation Filings or Business / Trade Name Registration?  We take seriously our responsibility to ensure that your charity's filings are renewed and updated so you are never out of compliance. Whether you need Foreign Corporations established as part of Charitable Solicitation Registration, or for other purposes – give us a call!

Professional Fundraising Registration

Professional Fundraising (PFR) organizations can play a key role in successful fundraising strategy and execution. It is important that both the charity and the PFR, regardless of their role, understand the compliance requirements associated with fundraising. Both the nonprofit and the PFR are required to register in many states that have Charitable Solicitation Registration laws and regulations in place. Currently, approximately 41 states have registration requirements for non-profits – and even more require PFR and PFR Counsel Charitable Solicitation Registration. Check our PFR page for more information.

Registered Agents

Does your charity need Registered Agents?  Whether to meet the requirements of your Charitable Solicitation Registration or other needs, Capstone Charity Resources can help with that!

We offer the following to help your charity succeed:

  • Flexible 1- to 3-year appointments
  • Competitive pricing
  • Management of the renewals to ensure they never lapse, or are cancelled in a timely manner if you no longer need them.

Why Full Service?

Our full service offerings are our most popular registration options. It allows you and your executive team to focus exclusively on furthering the mission of your nonprofit and continue with fundraising efforts while registration efforts commence. Full service includes a comprehensive assessment of your donor and mailing lists.


You will find Capstone Charity Resources to be among the lowest-priced charitable registration services with the highest value and customer satisfaction. We make charitable registration easy! Contact us for low-cost solutions.

Security always

Capstone Charity Resources will always keep your charity information confidential. It’s our pledge!