Did you know… more than 40 states require some type of charitable registration for nonprofits?

Whether you are new to the concept of charitable registration or currently affiliated with a nonprofit in Healthcare, Higher Education, Social and Community Services, Community Foundations, Wildlife and Environmental Organizations, or Museums and Historical Sites, our experts take the burden of nonprofit charitable registration off your plate.  

Your effectiveness as an executive or fundraising professional dramatically increases when you are able to focus your efforts on mission, strategy and implementation – rather than compliance issues.  

Our easy charitable registration also protects your nonprofit from failure to register correctly and appropriately. The financial penalties and potential legal ramifications for nonprofit board of director members can be severe and embarrassing. Ignorance of the law is not a defense.

Do you represent a Professional Fundraising organization?

Professional Fundraising (PFR) organizations can play a key role in successful fundraising strategy and execution. It is important that both the charity and the PFR, regardless of their role, understand the compliance requirements associated with fundraising. Both the nonprofit and the PFR are required to register in many states that have Charitable Solicitation Registration laws and regulations in place. Currently, approximately 41 states have registration requirements for non-profits – and even more require PFR and PFR Counsel Charitable Solicitation Registration. Check our PFR page for more information.

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